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Introducing the 2014 Ultimate Strictly Advent Calendar!

Strictly 2014 - Series 12 Links to the pages for all our celebrities, dancers, weekly results and the key statistics you need to know for the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing.
The Results Details of all the contestants and results for each series of Strictly Come Dancing.
The Celebrity Contestants All the celebrities in one place - find out who danced with them, all their scores and what songs they danced to.
The Professional Dancers Every professional dancer to have competed in the show, who they danced with, and how they've fared in each series.
The Judging Panel Just where have they come from and how are they qualified to judge the dancing?
The Dances Every competitive dance in the competition, with some background about the dance, and the scores for every single dance in Strictly history!
The Statistics An Ultimate Strictly guide to a whole array of statistics about how celebrities, professionals and dances match up against each other, plus the perfect score and the lowly one.
The Television Presenters A bit more info about what those faces in front of the camera were doing before they came to our favourite show.
The Musicians Find out more about the Musical Director and the amazing singers in the Strictly Come Dancing band.
The Professional Dance Troupe Find out more about the new group with some familiar dancers and some brand new faces, all of whom will be performing spectacular demonstration dances during the show.
Site Updates Check here for any new or updated pages on the site, particularly after each weekend show, I'll post links to each page that has been updated.