ULTIMATE STRICTLY Advent Calendar 2018

Wednesday 12th December 2018

There’s no doubt in my mind, that today’s dance is one of my top five dances from the entirety of the Strictly Come Dancing, and definitely my favourite American Smooth ever.

Kelly Brook danced in series 5 with Brendan Cole, and the rules for the American Smooth at that time stated that 40% of the dance must be in ballroom hold and only two lifts were allowed. Brendan choreographed a perfect routine to The Tender Trap, a perfect song for this dance style, and Kelly delivered. Judges Craig, Arlene and Len penalised them for the extra lift and deducted a point, but unusually for me, I’m glad Bruno couldn’t help himself and picked up his 10 paddle. There’s no big set, no props, a beautiful gown for Kelly and tails for Brendan, and an elegant dance, which all adds up to make my perfect American Smooth.