ULTIMATE STRICTLY Advent Calendar 2018

Friday 21st December

Seeing Sheila Hancock dance a gorgeous foxtrot with Ian Waite just goes to prove that you’re never too late to learn to dance - perhaps there’s hope for me yet! It’s always a delight to see Ian back on the dancefloor, and I love the choreography and storytelling in this lovely routine from Christmas 2012.

I couldn’t put some of my favourite dances in the advent calendar without including the wonderful Lisa Snowdon from series six. Dancing the foxtrot with Brendan Cole in the final, Lisa performed an exquisite routine, and the couple earned their second perfect 40 of the competition. They went on to earn another later in the evening with their cha cha cha, but this foxtrot remains my favourite of their dances on the show. I can’t tell you how many time I voted for them to win, and they remain one of my favourite couples from the whole of Strictly.