ULTIMATE STRICTLY Advent Calendar 2018

Saturday 22nd December

I wish I could watch all of Denise Lewis’s dances from series two again, but I don’t have them recorded and they’re not on YouTube, so I’ll have to content myself with this lovely Viennese Waltz that she danced with Anton Du Beke in the 2016 Christmas Special. I’m not quite sure how it fits into the Christmas theme, since the song is sung at the height of summer in the film, but I guess it has a tenuous link to Christmas earlier in the story, so they’ve snuck it in. It doesn’t stop it being a charming routine, and lovely to see Denise back on the Strictly dancefloor.

Looking back at my favourite routines from the main competition, I’m going to pick this lovely dance from series six finalist Ricky Whittle dancing with my queen of the ballroom, Natalie Lowe. I think Ricky was one of the best male celebrities we’ve had on the show, and I loved this classic Viennese Waltz from fairly early in their Strictly journey, but still shows just how much promise there was of the wonderful dancing to come. Gorgeous, classic choreography in elegant tail suit and gown, they were a fantastic partnership.