Sixty-two year old Ann (who will be celebrating her birthday on the 4th October) is a former Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, who retired from politics at the last General Election following 23 years as the MP for Maidstone. Born in Bath, she attended both Birmingham and Oxford Universities, studying Latin, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, before starting her career in marketing. Her political career saw her start as a District Councillor, and she unsuccessfully ran for MP in Burnley and Plymouth before being elected as the MP for Maidstone in 1987. More recently, Ann has added author to her CV, having written four novels, with the first, The Clematis Tree published in 2000.

Ann will be dancing in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and her professional dance partner is one of the few professional dancers to have competed in every series so far, Anton Du Beke.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Waltz My Cherie 2 5 5 5 17
2 Salsa Mambo Italiano 1 4 4 3 12
3 Quickstep Puttin' On The Ritz 3 5 5 5 18
4 Tango Malando Bailongo 3 7 6 5 21
5 Paso doble Wild Thing 2 5 5 4 16
6 Charleston Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) 2 6 5 4 17
7 Foxtrot You Make Me Feel So Young 3 6 6 5 20
8 Samba Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel 1 5 4 3 13
9 Rumba My Heart Will Go On 1 5 5 3 14
10 American Smooth Hello Dolly 2 5 4 3 14


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Salsa

Bruno:Oh Ann my darling, I don't know what was more bewildering, his chest rug or your footwork. It was unique and compelling, somewhere between horror and comedy. It was an out of body experience that kind of resembled a dance, but definitely watchable, but I don't know what to say to be honest.
Craig:(Ann: No, don't bother, look he hasn't got a zero, so he might as well give us one and be done with it). There is not one word in the English language, my darling, that could describe what over 10 million people have just witnessed, I promise you. Len?
Len:Well it was a bit like the hokey cokey - you got your left leg in and out, but you didn't shake it all about very much, but I'll tell you something, that was a salsa the likes of which we will never, never see again. I know this is a dance competition, but it's an entertainment programme and that was wonderful entertainment.


Week 1 - Waltz

Alesha:There's a lot of love in the studio for you tonight, Ann, and you look very lovely this evening as well. Anton, I think you did a wonderful job, I actually enjoyed the routine very much.
Bruno:Ann, my darling. There was something quite courageous and imposing watching you. It was like watching the Ark Royal, taking on the stormiest of seas, the ride was bumpy but you made it into port. You should be proud.
Craig:It was all a bit local authority, darling. I was really concerned for Anton's health and safety, darling, and when you started getting those kicks out. Palms need to obviously go towards the floor rather than out to the audience. And you must learn to really dance to your height as well. I thought, actually, you know, you got through it, at least.
Len:Ann, the anticipation of seeing you dance, I think, is greater than any celebrity I've ever seen. It reminded me of my holidays, I always have great anticipation to go away, and then the realisation is not quite up to the standard I thought. Listen, please listen, I thought you did a wonderful job. You kept me entertained throughout, (Ann: was it accidental that I kept you entertained?) No, not accidental at all, and I loved the way that leg went up - it reminded me of Germany during the 40s. It was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it and well done, Anton.


Ann's Strictly Introduction