Born into an acting family, Felicity started her career as an actress as an infant, appearing on stage in productions her parents were performing in with a classical travelling theatre troupe called Shakespeareana, and the Merchant Ivory film Shakespeare-wallah was based on the family and their travelling company and gave a feature role to Felicity. It was ten years later in 1975 that Felicity took on her most famous role of Barbara Good in classic BBC sitcom The Good Life. She also had a varied stage career and won a couple of Variety Club awards. The 1980s saw Felicity take two more leading roles in sitcoms in both Solo and The Mistress, and then in the 1990s she starred in the adaptation of the bestselling novel The Camomile Lawn. Although she admits finding it hard to find television roles as she got older, the comedy-drama detective series, Rosemary and Thyme was created for her and Pam Ferris, and more recently played an aristocrat in an episode of Doctor Who.

Felicity will be dancing in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and her professional dance partner is Vincent Simone dancing in his fifth series of Strictly.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Cha Cha Cha Sunny 4 5 7 7 23
2 Foxtrot Somethin' Stupid 6 6 6 7 25
3 Rumba True Colours 7 7 8 7 29
4 Tango Gipsy Tango 7 7 7 8 29
5 Viennese Waltz Second Waltz 6 7 6 7 26
6 Paso doble Habanera 6 8 7 8 29
7 Salsa All Night Long 5 7 7 7 26
8 American Smooth Me and My Shadow 7 7 8 8 30


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Foxtrot

Alesha:I thought you coped really well with the choreography, but for me, overall, it was just a little bit average, I was a bit underwhelmed really, but I think you're a capable dancer, and I think just come back next week and blow us away.
Bruno:It was classy. It was very controlled, very unhurried. A bit stately at times, you know, but if you loosen up a bit more because you have the ability, we all agree on that, it's just you have to push it a level further.
Craig:I actually liked the foxtrot slash tango-ness of it if you like. Nice Spanish lines throughout, some nice swivels, lovely back attitude turn, just need to open your hip out a little bit more, darling, cause that is a really difficult move. I would like to have seen smoother transitions between steps, but very well done.


Week 1 - Cha Cha Cha

Len:Well, I've got to say first of all, there was more tension in this room than there was in my nan's knicker elastic. It was absolutely incredible, and yet you've come out with assurity, you've come out with confidence. You know, the problem is, one of the keys to the cha cha cha is hip action, you've gotta show your hips get a bit more rhythm and unfortunately we didn't see enough hips from you. You can do it, it was just a little bit careful, and you've just got to come out and wow us.
Alesha:Felicity, you look beautiful, and as soon as your name was called, I was so nervous for you. The first dance is like having an out of body experience, it's petrifying, so you're very brave to come out here first. I thought you had just the right amount of sex kitten, I thought it was gorgeous. Good basic steps for a first dance, babe, that was really, really good. Well done.
Bruno:Felicity, you came out here, and you played it just right. A good balance of sexiness and cheekiness. You played with Vincent and you took on choreography that for week one was very, very difficult. You did all the steps on time. Yes, you could push the hips a little bit more, do it for me, darling, you've got it, come on push it. I feel you're just getting warmed up.
Craig:For me, very flat footed, I'm afraid. Every time you got into hold with Vincent, your left shoulder was cripplingly raised. You were landing very hard and very flat on the New York section. The hip action was unforthcoming throughout the entire thing. However, I did like the storytelling, you did that beautifully, and actually the cleanliness of the routine I thought was spot on.


Felicity's Strictly Introduction