Greg was one of the gold medallists from Super Saturday at the London 2012 Olympics, and has also won the gold medal at the 2015 World Championships and at the last two European Championships and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  He recently won bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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Greg took part in Series 14 and danced with Natalie Lowe. Greg garnered plenty of praise in week 1 for his jive, particularly as we all know how much the judges tell us a jive is hard for tall people, but it boded well for the competition.  His week 2 tango, however, highlighted some problems with posture in hold, but much improved the next week in the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves themed American Smooth in Movie week with an impressive 32 points.  After a few latin based dances, there was a return to form with a Viennese waltz fabulously choreographed by Natalie in week seven. A dramatic paso doble in week eight had a couple of mistakes leaving the couple second from last on the leaderboard, and saw them in the dance off for the first time, but the mistakes were corrected in the second performance and the judges saved them from elimination.  A trip to Blackpool saw plenty of extra dancers and a set to dance around, and with great movement around the floor in their quickstep, the again scored a high score of 32, but still only sixth on the leaderboard and facing the dance off again, but unfortunately, the judges voted against them this time, and Greg finished the competition in 7th place overall.

Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores TotalLeaderboard
1 Jive Get Ready 6 7 7 7 27 =6th (15)
2 Tango Jump 6 7 6 7 26 9th (15)
3 American Smooth (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 8 8 8 8 32 4th (14)
4 Salsa Wrapped Up 7 7 7 7 28 8th (12)
5 Cha cha cha We Found Love 4 6 7 7 24 =8th (10)
6 Rumba Bring Me To Life 4 7 7 8 26 =8th (10)
7 Viennese Waltz You Don't Own Me 8 8 8 8 32 =7th (9)
8 Paso doble Tamacun 7 8 8 8 31 =6th (8)
9 Quickstep Hand Jive 8 8 8 8 32 6th (7)

Week 9 - Quickstep

Week 8 - Paso doble

WEEK 7 - Viennese Waltz

Week 6 - Rumba

Week 5 - Cha cha cha

Week 4 - Salsa

Week 3 - AMERICAN Smooth

Week 2 - TANGO


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