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Laura has been one of the main presenters of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! NOW! for the last five years, and has also presented programmes including the Brits, the MTV Movie Awards and the BAFTAs.

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Laura took part in Series 14 and danced with 2015 finalist Giovanni Pernice.  Laura was the first celebrity to dance in the series with her cha cha cha on the Friday night show, setting a reasonable benchmark for others to follow, but left her mid-table on the leaderboard after the first dance.  A lovely waltz in week 2 saw her combined score move her much further up the rankings, and safe for the first elimination.  Despite a 9 from Bruno for her salsa in Movie week, other dancers scored highly and another middle of the leaderboard finish saw her in the bottom two for the first time, but unanimously saved by the judges.  Another good dance with the quickstep next, but an ankle injury meant having to sit out of week 5 with a bye through to the next week, where a strong tango saw them top the leaderboard.  Still struggling with her ankle in week 7 (she wasn't able to wear proper heels until the middle of the week) it was the tricky samba which was her undoing.  It looked like Giovanni tried to choreograph the routine to protect her ankle, but it was another very strong week from other couples and saw them in joint seventh place and once again in the bottom two.  This time, the judges didn't save her and Laura finished the competition in 9th place overall.

Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores TotalLeaderboard
1 Cha cha cha Venus 5 6 7 7 25 =10th (15)
2 Waltz If I Ain't Got You 8 8 8 8 32 =4th (15)
3 Salsa Rhythm Of The Night 7 7 7 9 30 8th (14)
4 Quickstep Ballroom Blitz 8 8 8 9 33 =3rd (12)
5 Jive Reet Petite *
6 Tango Paint It Black 9 9 9 9 36 =1st (10)
7 Samba Bamboleo 7 8 8 9 32 =7th (9)
* Due to an ankle injury stustained during training for week 5, Laura was unable to dance on Saturday and received a bye into week 6.


Week 6 - Tango

WEek 5 - Jive

Laura injured her ankle during training for week 5, and was advised not to dance on Saturday by the medical team.  Under the rules of Strictly Come Dancing, Laura & Giovanni will receive a bye into next week..

Week 4 - quickstep


WEEK 2 - Waltz


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