Matt grew up in the Dales on his family's sheep farm, and as a boy he competed for Britain as a gymnast. He began his television career on Blue Peter, where he worked for seven years. He has since presented a variety of programmes including City Hospital and The One Show, and his background in gymnastics has lead to him covering gymnastics events in competitions such as the World Gymnastics Championships and the Olympics. He has become synonymous with programmes focusing on the countryside and animals, with he has fronted shows including Crufts, One Man and His Dog and has successfully helped the BBC move Countryfile from it's original Sunday morning slot to it's new prime time evening schedule.

Matt will be dancing in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and his professional dance partner is Aliona Vilani who is taking part in her second series of Strictly.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Cha Cha Cha Ain't No Mountain High Enough 7 8 8 8 31
2 Foxtrot She Said 7 8 8 8 31
3 Quickstep Dreaming Of You 8 7 8 8 31
4 Charleston 42nd Street 9 9 9 8 35
5 Argentine Tango Bat Out Of Hell 8 8 9 9 34
6 Viennese Waltz Where The Wild Roses Grow 8 9 9 9 35
7 Rumba Too Lost In You 8 9 9 9 35
8 Samba Young Hearts Run Free 9 9 10 10 38
9 American Smooth Empire State of Mind 8 8 8 9 33
10 Jive Soul Bossa Nova 8 9 9 9 35
11 Salsa Spinning Around 7 7 7 7 28
11 Swing-A-Thon 2nd Place 4
11 Tango Hung Up 9 10 10 9 38
12 Samba Young Hearts Run Free 9 9 10 10 38
12 Show dance I Like The Way You Move 7 9 9 9 34
12 Paso doble Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 9 8 9 9 35
12 Viennese Waltz Where The Wild Roses Grow 9 9 10 9 37


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Foxtrot

Len:Well I'll tell you what Matt, it's only week two and you're getting on me wick a bit. You're not supposed to come out and dance that well on the second week. The foxtrot is such a tough dance, it needs romance and elegance, it needs great footwork. I must say, you were a little bit over emphasising the heels weren't you - I certainly saw them. your toe nearly stuck up Aliona's bottom, but really great start, and whoever's coming next has really got to up their game to match it. Well done.
Alesha:Now I wasn't so sure you could do sexy, but you've just proved me wrong. I think that's the sexiest foxtrot I've ever seen. There's no denying you move incredibly around the floor, your posture is fantastic. It was a tad serious - it did remind me a little bit of tango qualities but I like the twist. It was brilliant, well done.
Bruno:Matt. I have never seen a foxtrot danced with so much passion. It was like watching a relentless, tense courtship, "I'm gonna get her, I'm gonna get her" - you got her at the end and she got you as well. And you got it all, Len is absolutely right, a foxtrot like this in week two, what you gonna do? I don't know what you gonna do next. High expectations.
Craig:I thought it was very, very sharp, it was very clean. Timing and frame was very good. I thought you could have allowed a little bit more time if you're going to one of those handstands that seemed sort of out of character to stand so hard and agressively at the end of the routine, I think it would have been a much nicer choice to just roll through the movement. And those heel leads were just absolutely ludicrous because it really was completely flexed, it was bizarre.


Week 1 - Cha Cha Cha

Craig:You sir, are one to watch.
Len:Best cha cha of the night, well done.
Alesha:So impressed Matt, that pleasantly surprised me. I love the costumes and the wellington boots, there must be an extra point for that. Brilliant. Well done.
Bruno:This year is gonna be a classic. What I've seen tonight for a first round is brilliant. Well done.


Matt's Strictly Introduction