Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, Michelle's first performances were very traditional in her church's choir, but she was two years into a criminal justice degree before she realised that her love of performing was too great. She started out as a backing singer before joining Destiny's Child in 2000 with Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland. During their career together, they group won three Grammy awards and a whole host of hit singles. Michelle also pursued her solo career with gospel recordings, and started acting as well. In 2007, she toured with the US stage show The Color Purple and last year played Roxie Hart, the lead in the West End production of Chicago before going on to reprise the role in LA.

Michelle will be dancing in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and her professional dance partner is Brendan Cole who was the very first champion of Strictly, and has competed in all eight series.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Cha Cha Cha Stone Cold Sober 5 6 7 6 24
2 Foxtrot It Had To Be You 6 7 7 6 26
3 Rumba Wicked Game 4 6 7 7 24
4 Tango* Killer 6 7 7 7 27
5 Jive The Time Warp 7 6 8 8 29
6 Waltz Right Here Waiting 6 8 8 8 30
7 Paso doble American Woman 4 7 7 6 24

*Brendan Cole was unable to compete in week 4 and Ian Waite stood in.


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Foxtrot

Bruno:Beautiful and elegant, but, something happened, who slipped? You slipped (Brendan: It was just a little balance issue). Well it's the foxtrot, every moment, you know what it's like, it's has to go on, if you do something like that, it just spoils the whole thing. And another thing Michelle, when you go from side to side with your arms, don't raise your shoulders. The shoulders stay down, because what happens then, is you go into frame and that (raises his shoulders to his ears) happens. So I know we're picky, but we have to point these things out.
Craig:I'm gonna be nice. Your topline was tense. Your shoulders were raised. You were a little bit pigeon toed at times. Your feet aren't always closing. But, I can see you're applying yourself and you've put a lot of hard work into that routine.
Len:Well, I liked the bench, it just seemed you were a long time before you got off of it. But once you did, I thought it was a far superior performance to last week. You had body contact, there was nice movement round the floor, it was lyrical. I didn't think your posture was at all bad, I think you did a great job, and well done.


Week 1 - Cha Cha Cha

Bruno:Michelle, talk about length of bone, I think those legs go on forever. Oh my god, I tell you. But, the thing is though, Michelle, I'm gonna be honest with you, you look at times like you were dancing on stilts. You were a little bit unsteady on your legs. They're so, so long, that you've got to control them. You've got to control your arms as well. Every time you finish a move, sometimes, you just don't quite go all the way through. You gotta work on strength, and on these turns as well, keep your center - spot. Strength, go for it girl.
Craig:He's absolutely right. Balance was off a long way through that. Knees were flexed throughout, there was only a couple of moments where they were straight. Very stiff of hip, I've got to say, very, very stiff of hip. I mean, thank goodness you had that little outfit on, darling, to give us a bit of old (...). Really disappointed, I'm afraid to say.
Len:Well, it was a fatal combination. Long legs, short skirt and bad technique. It's the truth. You've gotta work more on strength through your legs, which will produce a better hip action. It was all a little bit unsteady.
Alesha:I love you, Michelle. I think you're amazing. Character, full of life, energy, and you know what, the boys are right you do need to get your body under control, but you came out and you performed it. You put on a show. And for that, I commend you.


Michelle's Strictly Introduction