Patsy was just 4 years old when she became known to households around the country after she appeared in a television advert for Birds Eye frozen peas. She attended the Italia Conti stage school which lead to various roles on television while she was growing up, and at 14 she joined her brothers band which was to become Eighth Wonder, who went on to have UK chart success with "I'm Not Scared" which was written and co-produced by The Pet Shop Boys. In conjunction with her pop career, Patsy won the lead role in the British film Absolute Beginners, and went on to feature in other films including Lethal Weapon 2 and A Chorus of Disapproval. More recently, she has had roles on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale and went on to play ward sister Faye Morton in BBC drama Holby City.

Patsy will be dancing in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and her professional dance partner is one of the three new professionals this series, Robin Windsor.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Waltz When I Need You 4 6 6 6 22
2 Salsa Canned Heat 7 7 7 7 28
3 Quickstep Black Horse and the Cherry Tree 5 6 7 6 24
4 Charleston Hot Honey Rag 6 8 7 7 28
5 Jive Monster Mash 7 8 8 8 31
6 Cha cha cha All The Lovers 6 8 7 8 29
7 Viennese Waltz Anyone Who Had A Heart 7 9 8 8 32
8 Samba Copacabana 6 7 8 7 28
9 Argentine tango They 7 8 8 7 30


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Salsa

Craig:I've got to agree, but not with as much enthusiasm as Bruno, but you did take complete ownership of the space and that was fantastic to see, compared to last week which was absolutely appalling. It was completely full of rhythm which was wonderful to see, but I thought the desk moment was slightly unnecessary darling.
Len:(referring to the desk moment) It nearly had me eye out. You know when I think back last week, you were nervous, you were hesistant, it was all underwhelming. You come out, you've took command of the floor, it did need a bit of polish, but you haven't had the time, I realise that. But, compared with last week, it was so much better. Well done.
Alesha:You are like a different woman tonight. You came out and attacked the dance, the salsa is about letting go and having fun, and boy, did you do it. Well done, well done.


Week 1 - Waltz

Bruno:Patsy, relax, enjoy it, trust your partner - he's not gonna hurt you. What happens is you tighten up, there are some beautiful moments, and then you lose the frame, the whole edifice crumbles, a few mistakes. But, when you did it right, you looked good, you can do it, so just let it out, go with it, love.
Craig:Your bottom was sticking out which created an enormous gap between you all the way through, so no body contact. A lot more extension through your upper line, and you've got to learn to spot on your turns, otherwise it'll be a dance disaster, darling.
Len:Patsy, I think you've got great potential, you have. Nerves can make or break you, and if you're not careful, you're gonna let them break you. You've got to try to overcome them and to try and come out with more confidence.
Alesha:I think you look absolutely beautiful, don't beat yourself up too much. The waltz is one of the hardest dances you can come out and do on a first night - the pressure is immense. So just go away like the guys say, work on your breathing techniques, get your nerves in check and come back and sparkle.


Patsy's Strictly Introduction