Week 2 Trivia

After Saturdays programme, I was curious about the 10 point improvement between Robbie & Ola's first and second dances, and have been looking up whether this was the best ever improvement between a celebrities first two dances.

Surprisingly, there have been four other couples who have bettered this result, and one couple who equalled it:

    Week 1 Week 2
Couple Series Dance Score DanceScore
Darren Gough & Lilia Kopylova 3 Cha cha cha 19 Quickstep 30
Will Thorp & Hanna Haarala 3 Cha cha cha 18 Quickstep 29
Matt Dawson & Lilia Kopylova 4 Cha cha cha 19 Tango 30
Don Warrington & Lilia Kopylova 6 Cha cha cha 19 Tango 30
Lisa Snowdon & Brendan Cole 6 Salsa 22 Rumba 32
Robbie Savage & Ola Jordan 9 Cha cha cha 19 Foxtrot 29


So, bearing in mind that in that list are a series champion and two other series finalists, I'd say that Robbie is in with a pretty good shout at staying in the competition for quite a while!