Full week 3 song list plus Thursday's It Takes Two

Digital Spy have posted a list of the songs that will be used in this weeks Broadway themed show. I've updated the Week 3 page and will also add them to the individual Celebrity pages this evening.

I have to admit, I'm a little bit disappointed at the list, as while they're all fantastic songs in themselves, we've seen an awful of them on Strictly before, and when you think of the wealth of songs available in Broadway musicals, I hoped we would have had some more original choices. Having said that, despite not being a fan of the themed shows last year, I think this week is shaping up nicely, and I hope the celebrities and professional will win me over! One other minor quibble is that Top Hat, White Tie and Tails from the musical Top Hat is being used by Rory & Erin, but as far as I know this is a film musical, and although it's currently being toured around the UK as a stage adaptation, it's not a Broadway musical? Happy to be proven wrong, if you know differently, so tweet me or add a comment if I'm mistaken!

In case you're wondering who has previously used the songs, here's the list:

  • Memory used by Alesha & Matthew in series 5 for their Viennese waltz but it was so good, anything else will surely pale in comparison?
  • You Can't Stop The Beat used by Austin & Erin for their jive in series 6 for their jive which scored an impressive 34 points in only their second dance!
  • Somebody To Love used by Will & Hanna for their Viennese waltz back in series 3, which probably isn't so well remembered as the other songs, so not too much of an issue with this one.
  • Cell Block Tango used by Aled & Lilia for their tango in series 2, and still vivid in my mind as one of my favourites of Aled's dances
  • Money, Money, Money used by Ray & Camilla for their tango in series 4, although it doesn't immediately spring to my mind as this couple, so again not too much of an issue with this one.
  • Top Hat, White Tie and Tails again used by Alesha & Matthew for their American Smooth in series 5, and it will be interesting to see if she comments on the use of songs she's used before!

Ah well, let's hope we see some fabulous dances this Saturday and that this years celebrities can make the songs their own!

Tonights It Takes Two summary is also updated now.