"No! Not that dance, PLEASE!"

Brendan commented on It Takes Two this week, that his samba for Lulu was going really well this week, that it might be his best ever, and despite the fact that he's left the competition on a samba four times, he's really happy with their routine this week.

That led me to wonder, do any of the other professionals have a dance that they've left the competition on more than any other? So, this afternoon, I've added another column to the Strictly Come Dancing History table on each of the professional dancers individual pages to show what the last dance the performed (or dances where they left in a week with two or more dances performed) for each of their celebrities.

Check out your favourite professional dancers last dances by going to their page from the Professional Dancers page.

P.S. Lulu & Brendan fans shouldn't worry too much, let's not forget he scored the first ever 10 in Strictly history for his samba with Natasha Kaplinsky, and danced it again in the final when they won the competition!