Top scoring first dances vs second dances

@spartaksuze has posed a question for me on Twitter, but the answer requires a bit more than 140 characters, so I thought I'd post a quick blog entry for it. The question is:

  • How many times has the top scorer in week one gone on to score top in week 2?
  • In order to answer this I've had to combine some weekly leaderboards, because some series have seen half the couple dances on Week 1 and half on Week 2 (and in Series 6 it was actually Week 5 before all the couples danced together). However, if I create a leaderboard for all the first dances for each series and compare it to a leaderboard for all the second dances, in four out of eight series, the top scoring couple for the first dance has also been the top scoring couple for the second dance:

  • Series 2: Denise & Ian
  • Series 6: Cherie & James
  • Series 7: Ricky & Natalie
  • Series 8: Pamela & James
  • Just for completeness, here's how the other series first and second dance top scorers compared:

  • Series 1: First dance top scorers - Lesley & Anton; Second dance top scorers - Natasha & Brendan
  • Series 3: First dance top scorers - Zoe & Ian; Second dance top scorers - Colin & Erin
  • Series 4: First dance top scorers - Emma & Darren; Second dance top scorers - Louisa & Vincent
  • Series 5: First dance top scorers - Kelly & Brendan and Penny & Ian; Second dance top scorers - Alesha & Matthew