All you ever wanted to know about Week 9!

It's Week 9 and half the original fourteen couples have now been voted out of the competition. For the first time this series the celebrities will have to dance in two competitive dances in one show, first their own individual dance, and then the group elimination of the Swing-A-Thon. From the seven individual routines, we'll be seeing six different dances, two ballroom, two latin and two speciality dances.

Four of the song choices have been used before on Strictly:

  • Anita & Brendan are dancing to "Uptown Girl" which was previously used in series 2 by Denise Lewis & Ian Waite for their Cha cha cha
  • For their Argentine Tango, Chelsee & Pasha will be dancing to "Una Música Brutal" which Patsy Palmer & Anton Du Beke used for their ballroom Tango in series 3
  • Harry & Aliona's Quickstep will be danced to "Don't Get Me Wrong", the song Louisa Lytton & Vincent Simone chose in series 4
  • And finally, maybe Charleston songs are difficult to find, as Jason & Kristina will dance to "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" which was only used two years ago by Laila Rouass & Anton Du Beke for their Charleston in series 7

Looking at the couples statistics for this series, the top three couples are Jason & Kristina, Harry & Aliona and Chelsee & Pasha and it's hard to separate them. In total, Jason & Kristina have scored 262 points for their 8 dances, while Harry & Aliona and Chelsee & Pasha have both scored 261 points. Jason & Kristina and Harry & Aliona both have a highest scoring dance with 37 points, while Chelsee & Pasha's is 36 points, and all three couples lowest scoring dance was 27 points. All have scored 10s, with Harry & Aliona on four 10s, and Jason & Kristina and Chelsee & Pasha both receiving one each.

Holly & Artem aren't far behind the top three, with a total of 252 points, a highest score of 35 and a lowest score of 28, but no 10s yet. Their highest score was for their American Smooth, often similar to the Foxtrot they're dancing this week, so that could stand them in good stead for a high score this week.

Anita & Robin (this week Anita dancing with Brendan due to Robin's injury) and Alex & James are both closely matched, with total points of 237 and 236 respectively, but you would have to say that Alex is in the ascendency with her Tango last week earning not just her first 9, but three 9s and a total of 35 points and a joint top place on the leaderboard.

Although Robbie & Ola are statistically the lowest scoring of the couples (217 points and a highest score of 31 and a lowest score of 19), Robbie is one of those celebrities who has been bitten by the Strictly bug and has surprised everyone with his enthusiasm and love of dance. He may be a stronger ballroom dancer, and this week he has another latin dance, but as was mentioned on It Takes Two last night, he has been working his social media and with backing from his celebrity supporters, his popularity means he hasn't been in the bottom two yet.

And then we have the Swing-A-Thon elimination dance. All seven couples on the floor at once, with the judges deciding which celebrities are performing the best and awarding points from 1 to 7 to add to the couples individual dance scores, so doing well in this group dance could mean moving up the leaderboard. It's all to dance for!

So that's it for this week. I can't even begin to guess who could be at the top of the leaderboard this week, with the Swing-A-Thon potentially putting the cat amongst the pigeons, and the public voting unknown, it's all to play for!