The final is coming ... vital statistics

I can't believe how quickly this series has gone, and how enjoyable it's been. I loved nearly all the contestants and I can't deny that I think I got something in my eye on Sunday night watching the results show, as I had a few tears running down my face when Alex and Holly had to say goodbye.

Anyway ... we're down to the final three now, and I know I'm wondering how they match up against each other according to the stats!

Couple Number of dancesTotal pointsCraigLenAleshaBruno Average Highest Lowest10s
Harry & Aliona124148.
Chelsee & Pasha124118.
Jason & Kristina124098.


So on a scores basis, it's pretty close, but how about looking at top scoring dances:


DanceHighest scoring couple
FoxtrotChelsee & Pasha
QuickstepHarry & Aliona
FoxtrotJason & Kristina
FoxtrotHarry & Aliona
FoxtrotHarry & Aliona



DanceHighest scoring couple
Cha cha chaJason & Kristina
JiveChelsee & Pasha
Paso dobleChelsee & Pasha
RumbaHarry & Aliona
SambaChelsee & Pasha



DanceHighest scoring couple
American SmoothJason & Kristina
Argentine TangoJason & Kristina
CharlestonHarry & Aliona
SalsaHarry & Aliona


So Harry is the ballroom king, Chelsee is the latin queen and it's honours tied in the speciality dances between Jason and Harry, although interesting to note that the final three contestants have the highest scores in all the dances, with none of the eliminated celebrities getting a look in.

But what about the dances they haven't danced yet. If the final follows the same format as last year they will dance one of these:

  • Chelsee & Pasha - Viennese Waltz and Rumba
  • Harry & Aliona - American Smooth and Paso doble
  • Jason & Kristina - Waltz and Salsa

Aliona has already tweeted that she's choreographing for "this week's rock n roll showdance and American Smooth!". Now, I don't know whether she means a Rock'n'Roll themed showdance, or if they're dancing the Rock'n'Roll which was only used in series 7, and not been seen since! It could be that because Harry danced a paso doble in the Children In Need special, that they've decided it would give him an unfair advantage, and they've opted to make them dance the rock'n'roll instead, but that would then mean a change to the dances from last years final, where it was one new dance, a favourite dance, a showdance and their highest scoring dance.

Whatever happens, we know that we will have another different professional dancer lifting the glitterball trophy with their celebrity partner. This will be Aliona's second final, after coming second last year with Matt Baker, while Kristina and Pasha will be competing in their first final.

As usual, this is all fascinating stuff for Strictly Statistics geeks like me, but means absolutely nothing! Like every other year, this will all come down to the public vote, and of the three couples, only Jason & Kristina have been in the bottom two so far, but that's no guarantee of public apathy for them - Alesha & Matt were in the bottom two in the semi final of series 5, but went on to become series champions. Whatever happens, I think we're in for a cracking final, and if no-one stuffs up, then it could be a pretty close match.