Happy New Strictly!

In just about 7 hours, the first week proper of the new series will start, and thanks to the Radio Times we have a full list of the dances and songs of each couple, and the night on which they will dance. I've put them all in the Week 1 results page ready to update tonight and tomorrow.

As usual, I always like to have a look at the song choices and see if any of them have been used before, and we've got quite a few repeats this week:

  • Fern & Artem will dance the cha cha cha to Signed, Sealed, Delivered - previously used by Rachel & Vincent in series six.
  • Victoria & Brendan's cha cha cha to Spinning Around has been used twice before - Lesley & Anton way back in series one and more recently, in series 8 it was used by Matt & Aliona in series eight, although they chose it for their salsa.
  • Denise & James have With You I'm Born Again for their waltz, used by both Natasha & Brendan in series one and Mark & Karen in series four.
  • Michael & Natalie's choice of If You Don't Know Me By Now was also the choice of Carol & Matthew in series four and series eight champions Kara & Artem.
  • Nicky & Karen are dancing their waltz to I Wonder Why, the song chosen by both Sarah & Brendan in series two and Cherie & James in series six.
  • Johnny & Iveta are dancing their cha cha cha to Drive My Car which Letitia & Darren also danced to in series five.
  • Finally, Dani & Vincent's waltz song is Open Arms, the song Matt & Flavia scored a perfect 40 points for when they danced to it in series five.
  • A good few songs we've seen routines for before, but whether a new song or old, it'll be a new interpretation by a different professional dancer, and a whole new class of 2012 will take to the floor to entertain us for the next twelve weeks!