Mid season review

Well, we're half way through the competition now, so how are our remaining celebrities doing? Here's the table of their stats:

Couple Number of dancesTotal pointsCraigLenDarceyBruno Average Highest Lowest10s
Dani & Vincent61716.
Denise & James61887.
Kimberley & Pasha61817.
Lisa & Robin61697.
Louis & Flavia61846.
Michael & Natalie61425.
Nicky & Karen61434.
Richard & Erin61344.
Victoria & Brendan61485.

But how does that compare to previous years? Here's how the previous nine series champions were doing at the mid point in their series:

CoupleNumber of dancesCraigArleneLenAleshaBrunoAverageHighestLowest10s
Natasha & Brendan46.87.87.5-7.829.835260
Jill & Darren47.88.38.0-8.032.035270
Darren & Lilia56.47.27.8-7.428.834190
Mark & Karen57.88.48.0-8.432.636270
Alesha & Matthew58.68.28.6-8.834.236310
Tom & Camilla57.28.48.2-8.632.435280
Chris & Ola76.0-
Kara & Artem68.0-
Harry & Aliona67.3-

Interesting to note that the only champions to receive 10s by the mid way point in their series were Kara & Artem and Harry & Aliona, and all the 10s awarded to them, were give by Alesha.

So how does your favourite this year compare to the previous champions and how they were doing at this stage of the competition?