Week 8 songs and dances confirmed

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Strictly goes to Blackpool this week, and I've updated the Week 8 results page with the dances and song choices now that the BBC have confirmed them. I've also updated the never ending song list, but to help you see which of this weeks songs have been reused (and it's five this week), here's an extract with them in.

NOTE: Simon & Kristina are dancing to 'El Tango de Roxanne' which made me notice there were a few couples who had danced to it before, and made me go and check who danced to the original Police version of 'Roxanne' and who had used the 'El Tango de Roxanne' version from the Moulin Rouge! film soundtrack, and I've updated the songs accordingly on the the main song list. I'm just off now to update the individual celebrity and dance pages as well.

EDIT: @strictlyblog picked up that 'A Town Called Malice' was used by Tom & Camilla for their quickstep in series 6, but I had it listed as 'Town Called Malice' so I hadn't spotted the duplication. I've updated that now!

Couple Dance Song Series
Tom & CamillaQuickstepTown Called MaliceSeries 6, Week 8
Frankie & KevinQuickstepA Town Called MaliceSeries 12, Week 8
Lisa & BrendanJiveCrocodile RockSeries 6, Week 12
Caroline & PashaJiveCrocodile RockSeries 12, Week 8
Julian & ErinTangoEl Tango de RoxanneSeries 2, Week 3
Kara & ArtemTangoEl Tango de RoxanneSeries 8, Week 10
Simon & KristinaArgentine TangoEl Tango de RoxanneSeries 12, Week 8
Joe & KristinaFoxtrotFeeling GoodSeries 7, Week 4
Jake & JanetteAmerican SmoothFeeling GoodSeries 12, Week 8
Sunetra & BrendanSambaI Don't Feel Like Dancin'Series 12, Week 8
Ray & CamillaSambaI Don't Feel Like Dancin'Series 4, Week 6
Judy & AntonViennese WaltzLet's Go Fly A KiteSeries 12, Week 8
Steve & OlaAmerican SmoothRolling In The DeepSeries 12, Week 8
Pixie & TrentPaso DobleThe Eve of WarSeries 12, Week 8
Holly & ArtemCharlestonWe No Speak AmericanoSeries 9, Week 11
Mark & KarenCharlestonWe No Speak AmericanoSeries 12, Week 8