Week 13 Final dances and songs revealed (well, some of them anyway)

We've finally made it ... this week is the Grand Final of the series.  The couples will perform three dances, one chosen by the judges, the traditional show dance and one they chose theirselves as their favourites.  The BBC have released details of the couples favourite dance choice and the songs for the show dances, so I've updated the Week 13 page with the details.

I've also updated the Songs page with the details of all the songs we know, and as usual, I've taken an extract here to show the new songs we'll see for the show dance, which are the only new songs this week:

Couple Dance Song Series
Emma & DarrenQuickstepI Got RhythmSeries 4, Week 2
Anita & RobinCharlestonI Got RhythmSeries 9, Week 6
Simon & KristinaQuickstepI Got RhythmSeries 12, Week 7
Ore & JoanneShow danceI Got RhythmSeries 14, Final
Zoe & IanRumbaOne Moment In TimeSeries 3, Week 2
Louise & KevinShow danceOne Moment In TimeSeries 14, Final
Danny & OtiShow danceSet Fire To The RainSeries 14, Final