Christmas Special updates (includes spoilers!)

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Special last night.  Like this years main series, I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Special and I guess Len must have too, since his farewell was to give everyone a 10, although I think all the judges had drunk a few eggnogs beforehand, but it's Christmas, so I mustn't be grumpy.   Congratulations to Melvin & Janette (although it was hard to see how they couldn't win with all the Series 14 contestants in the front row cheering them on!).

Anyway, a bit late, but this morning I've updated the Christmas 2016 results page with all the dance, song and score details as well as videos of all the dances for you to watch again, along with all the Dance pages, the Perfect score page, the Professionals 10 page and the Celebrity 10 page.

So that it's for another year.  Thanks to all the thousands of you for visiting Ultimate Strictly this year, and I hope you'll come back next year, when we'll have a new judge as well as a new batch of celebrities to look forward to.  Strictly this year has been a light in another wise pretty much dark 2016 and I wish and hope that 2017 brings us all a better, happier and more positive year.