Blackpool! Songs and dances revealed

The dances and songs for this week have been revealed, so I've updated the Week 9 page with the details, as well as the main Songs page, but so you can see which songs out of the eight have been used before, there's an extract below with the song choices for this Saturday.  I love nearly all the song choices this week (but could we have a traditional appropriate salsa song at some point, please?) and I'm just going to say ... my favourite contestant on my favourite programme is dancing my favourite dance to my favourite song on my favourite soundtrack from my favourite film. “Listen to the rhythm. Don’t be scared.”

Couple Dance Song Series
Alexandra & GorkaQuickstepWe're In The MoneySeries 15, Week 9
Letitia & DarrenPaso dobleLive And Let DieSeries 5, Week 5
Caroline & PashaPaso dobleLive And Let DieSeries 12, Week 5
Davood & NadiyaPaso dobleLive And Let DieSeries 15, Week 9
Debbie & GiovanniSambaWannabe / Who Do You Think You AreSeries 15, Week 9
Gemma & AljažAmerican SmoothDowntownSeries 15, Week 9
Joe & KatyaSalsaRide On TimeSeries 15, Week 9
Louisa & VincentTangoSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Series 4, Week 7
Russell & FlaviaTangoSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Series 9, Week 4
Sophie & BrendanArgentine TangoSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Series 11, Week 7
Jonnie & OtiTangoSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Series 15, Week 9
Patrick & AnyaSalsaWingsSeries 11, Week 5
Mollie & AJCharlestonWingsSeries 15, Week 9
Lesley & AntonPaso dobleScott & Fran's Paso DobleSeries 1, Week 4
Mark & KarenPaso dobleScott & Fran's Paso DobleSeries 4, Week 4
Susan & KevinPaso dobleScott & Fran's Paso DobleSeries 15, Week 9