Welcome to Ultimate Strictly 2017!

Welcome back for the start of the fifteenth series of Strictly, which launched last weekend.   We now have our full list of celebrities and professional dancers and who will be dancing with whom, and we also know what their dances and songs for the first week will be. 

You can see all the partnerships at the Series 15 page, with links to all the individual Celebrity and Professional dancers pages, and to the Weekly results pages which will be updated as we go through the series.

If this is your first visit to the site, you'll also be able to find information on the Dances with a description of each dance, what the judges will be looking for, the best and worst of Strictly, and then all the songs and scores of every dance of that style dances on Strictly.  If you want to know whether a song has been used on Strictly before and who danced to it, you can check on the Songs page.  There's also some pages of Statistics, including the pages dedicated to The Perfect Score and The Lowly One as well as the league tables for Professional 10s and Celebrity 10s so there's plenty to look at!

If you have any feedback, please feel free to tweet me at @UltimateSCD, leave a comment on this post, or on the Feedback page, and there's also a new Contact form to email me.