Welcome back!

Welcome back to Ultimate Strictly for the sixteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing. Did everyone enjoy the first dances from our newest additions to the Strictly family? It was a marathon of a show last night and I wasn’t at home so I was only able to do limited updates, but this morning, everything is now up to date.

Each week, I’ll be updating the weekly Results pages with all the dances, songs, scores and the leaderboard. Each Celebrity also has their own page, with dances, songs, scores and videos of each of their dances. There’s also a page for each of the Dances where you can find more information about the dance style plus the details of every routine ever danced on Strictly. There is a page for the Celebrity Statistics to see an overview of their Strictly statistics including total points scored, average, highest and lowest scores, with a comparison to all celebrities from all previous fifteen series.

There are also a couple more pages that might be updated each week - if any 10s are awarded, you can find out the details on The Perfect Score page, but equally, if there are any 1s given out, then you can see who else has suffered that fate on The Lowly One page.

During the week, the BBC announce what dances and songs will be used the following Saturday, so I’ll update the results page and the celebrity pages with the details, but also there’s a Songs page where you can look to see all the songs every used on Strictly, and see if the choices for each week have been used before.

Thanks for coming back to visit Ultimate Strictly each year, and I hope you find the information here useful, and maybe even entertaining.