First steps ...

As I’ve got some spare time today, I thought it might be an idea to put together some statistics about first dances on Strictly. I often look at it myself, but have never put anything on the site - today, that has been accomplished!

So, eliminations first. Who have been the first couples to be eliminated each series, and how and what did they perform? All that information can be found on the new First Steps page. You can see what their first dance was, what their score was, plus some other information. Due to the format changes over the years, there are some series, where I’ve listed two different couples as being the first to be eliminated, but as I explain in the notes, some series had the first dances split over multiple nights or weeks, so it seemed only fair that those who were the first to go after the first round of dances were each recorded.

Also on the First Steps page, you can see the first dance information for each couple that have gone on to become series champions each year, including what type of dance they performed, and where they sat on the first (combined, in some cases) leaderboard.

Finally, I’ve done a bit of number crunching on what the judges score first dances, and that can be found on the Judges Statistics page. It includes their individual average score for all first dances, plus the lowest and highest score they’ve awarded for a first dance, as well as a couple of overall first dances statistics.