Claire originally started out in the music industry, but after switching to acting, she came to the public attention as super bitch Kim Tate in the soap "Emmerdale", followed by a four year stint as Karen Betts in prison drama "Bad Girls".

Feisty Claire competed in Series 4 with Brendan Cole, but as she was a little older than the other female celebs, Brendan decided they might need a few rule breaking lifts to make sure they were the focus of attention. In the first week, they certainly achieved that with Len and Arlene both severely marking them down, and Len calling Brendan a "prawn-head". It didn't cause any problems with the public who voted them back for the next week, despite a low score. The irony was that their Rumba without lifts was actually one of the better dances that week, and could easily have ended up second or third on the leaderboard without the illegal lifts. For the latin dances, Brendan decided to use Claire's sexy image to make their routines raunchy, but again, he took it too far, and by the time they danced their Salsa, it was completely over the top and more like a pole dance routine, and was again slated by the judges. Claire reached week 8 of the competition before being voted off after a fairly disastrous Samba, and by which point, the other remaining celebrities were all much better techinically than Claire, who finished 5th out of 14 couples.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
2 Rumba Show Me Heaven 7 4 4 6 21
3 Jive Nutbush City Limits 4 6 6 6 22
4 Foxtrot Sweet Caroline 7 4 6 7 24
5 Salsa Senorita 4 5 6 6 21
6 American Smooth Blue Moon 8 7 9 8 32
7 Tango Ole Guapa 8 8 6 7 29
8 Samba I Love To Love 5 5 8 7 25