The Dance:

The couples choose one of three styles:

Contemporary (C) contains elements of ballet and modern dance and should be fluid and lyrical, and should contain emotive storytelling.

Street/Commercial (SC) encompasses a range of all forms of urban dance such as hip hop, breakdancing, funks and music videos.

Theatre/Jazz (TJ) is the style of musical theatre, telling a story through dance including modern theatre, soft shoe, tap and even burlesque.

The couple’s choice has no restrictions on frame, hold or the number of lifts.

The best of Strictly

The couple’s choice was introduced into Strictly in 2018 for series sixteen, so we’ve only seen a few routines so far. The highest scoring of these was a theatre/jazz dance from Faye & Giovanni in a Bob Fosse inspired routine in Hallowe’en week which impressed the judges to award them three 10s for a total score of 39 points. The previous week had seen Charles & Karen, who after scoring 25 points for the first four weeks of the series, and being the bottom two for the previous two weeks, gain credit the judges with a street/commercial style dance and rocketed up the leaderboard with 36 points.

The worst of Strictly

As there have only been a few competitive routines on Strictly so far, it is by default that Lauren & AJ take the prize for the worst couple’s choice. The judges liked the storytelling, but felt the dance itself lacked fluidity and connection when transitioning between steps and scored the couple just 24 points.

Scores for all COUPLE’s CHOice performances: 

Series 16
        Judges scores  
Couple Song StyleWeek CraigDarceyShirleyBruno* Total
Lauren & AJRunnin' (Losin' It All)C5467724
Charles & KarenGet Up Offa That ThingSC5999936
Faye & GiovanniFeverTJ6910101039
Stacey & KevinEmpire State Of Mind (Part II)SC7999936
Ashley & PashaUnsteadyC8910101039
Graeme & OtiThe Trolley SongTJ9788932
Joe & DianneJump AroundSC1078101035
Faye & GiovanniFeverTJ131010101040

* In Week 5, Bruno Tonioli was away and was replaced by Alfonso Ribeiro as a guest judge

Series 17
      Judges scores  
Couple SongStyle Date CraigMotsiShirleyBruno Total
Dev & DianneFriend Like MeSCWeek 3999936
Saffron & AJBecause You Loved MeCWeek 4789933

All dances from highest scoring to lowest scoring

Couple SongStyle DateScore
Faye & GiovanniFeverTJSeries 16, Week 1340
Faye & GiovanniFeverTJSeries 16, Week 639
Ashley & PashaUnsteadyCSeries 16, Week 839
Charles & KarenGet Up Offa That ThingSCSeries 16, Week 536
Stacey & KevinEmpire State Of Mind (Part II)SCSeries 16, Week 736
Dev & DianneFriend Like MeSCSeries 17, Week 336
Joe & DianneJump AroundSCSeries 16, Week 1035
Saffron & AJBecause You Loved MeCSeries 17, Week 433
Graeme & OtiThe Trolley SongTJSeries 16, Week 932
Lauren & AJRunnin' (Losin' It All)CSeries 16, Week 524