Daisy signed for the top model agency Select at the age of 15 and has worked for fashion designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood. She has more recently moved into acting and will appear in the upcoming film Tulip Fever

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Daisy danced with Aljaž Skorjanec in Series 14, and started off the series with a beautiful waltz, with Len saying it was the best first dance he'd seen on any series of Strictly, and scoring her a nine, put her at the top of the very first leaderboard of the series.  Steady progress followed, but Daisy never quite managed to live up to that first dance, and in week five, she found herself in the dance off for the first time, but their unusual charleston was enough to put them in front with the judges, saved for the Hallowe'en special.  A paso doble with a brilliant Mexican 'Day of the Dead' theme was another strong dance for Daisy, with her score improving each week, but again the public vote didn't go with her and another dance off beckoned, but again, a unanimous vote from the judges saw her and Aljaž safe.  After a charming Viennese Waltz in week eight, earning them their highest score of the series, just one weeks later, their salsa failed to garner points from the judges and votes from the public, so another dance off for the pair, but it was to be their last, and Daisy finished the competition in 8th place.

Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores TotalLeaderboard
1 Waltz Unforgettable 7 8 9 8 32 1st (15)
2 Cha cha cha Forget You 8 7 8 7 30 3rd (15)
3 Quickstep A Spoonful Of Sugar 7 8 8 8 31 =5th (14)
4 Rumba Careless Whisper 7 8 8 8 31 =5th (12)
5 Charleston Happy Feet 8 8 8 8 32 =4th (10)
6 Paso doble Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 8 8 8 9 33 4th (10)
7 Viennese Waltz Daisy Bell 8 8 9 9 34 =3rd (9)
8 Salsa Groove Is In The Heart 7 8 8 8 31 =6th (8)


WEEK 7 - Viennese Waltz

Week 6 - Paso doble

Week 5 - Charleston

Week 4 - Rumba




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