International Welsh Rugby player Gavin, was born in Bridgend and started playing Rugby for his school and representing Wales at U16, U18, U19 and U21 levels and signed professionally with Swansea at the age of 18. He won his first international cap for Wales in 2001, and was a key player in the 2005 RBS Six Nations when Wales completed the Grand Slam campaign where Gavin scored the match-winning penalty against England. A place in the British and Irish Lions squad followed and he started in the second Test against New Zealand. Gavin has been plagued by injuries, and is currently taking a break from Rugby although still signed to his club Ospreys, to allow his body necessary recovery time. Gavin has recently taken part in 71 Degrees North in which celebrities complete challenges as they attempt to reach the North Cape in Norway, and is currently being shown on ITV1.

Gavin will be dancing in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and his professional dance partner will be Katya Virshilas returning for her second series of Strictly.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Waltz You Light Up My Life 6 8 7 7 28
2 Salsa Don't Stop The Music 3 6 5 5 19
3 Rumba Always On My Mind 3 6 7 6 22
4 Tango Toxic 5 6 6 6 23
5 Paso doble Uprising 5 7 7 7 26
6 Cha cha cha Don't Cha 5 8 8 8 29
7 Quickstep I Want You To Want Me 7 8 9 9 33
8 American Smooth She's A Lady 4 7 8 8 27
9 Jive Hey Ya! 3 6 7 6 22
10 Foxtrot Minnie The Moocher 7 9 9 8 33
11 Samba Bamboleo 6 7 7 7 27
11 Swing-A-Thon 5th Place 1
11 Viennese Waltz You Know Me 6 9 8 8 31


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Salsa

Len:Have a bit of decorum, Gavin, during the dance, you don't see me exposing meself during the show. This is what happened, last week you were so good, everyone's expectations were so high for tonight and this is what happens, unfortunately you didn't live up to the promise that you showed last week, it went down a tad.
Alesha:Yeah, I'm sorry Gavin, I was a little bit disappointed, and unfortunately your muscles didn't distract me from the fact that you're not a salsa boy, and I just think you're too much in your head, like come out and dance as if no-one is watching you and don't worry about what anyone thinks. A bit underwhelmed, sorry.
Bruno:Yeah Gavin, I can not believe it. Somebody as good looking as you are, you look self conscious and hesitant. No rhythm whatsoever, no hip action, yes a six pack, but that is not enough. After last week, when you showed so much promise, this is really not good.


Week 1 - Waltz

Craig:I thought the routine was very, very simple, and I thought that was very effective, I have to say, but for me it lacked a little bit of movement and sway, which we don't really expect from your first dance, but it's something to work towards. I thought it was just a little bit occasionally deliberate and cold, and that's to do with, I think, with your acting of it. I think when you get past a really good step, then suddenly the face dropped because you're thinking about the next step, so you need to try and marry the whole thing together. But I have to say, a really brave and good attempt.
Len:That was better than good. I tell you, for a celebrity male, first week, to produce good footwork, you created rise and fall, which you very rarely see first week, I thought you did far better than I could ever imagine. Well done to you.
Alesha:Gavin, I think you're a diamond in the rough. I was pleasantly surprised, I know during training you wanted to pull out the emotion, and I felt the emotion. It felt genuine, it felt heartfelt, and I really enjoyed it. Well done.
Bruno:I tell you, I thought you were gonna be awful, but in fact .. no, I thought oh he's gonna dance with himself, he's looking at the mirror all the way through, he couldn't give a care about Katya ... no, you did it, you really went for it in the correct way, and I cannot wait to see you in latin.


Gavin's Strictly Introduction