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Forty-five year old Goldie, originally made his name as a graffiti artist in the 1980s, before turning his had to music, with his ground-breaking track Terminator becoming a hit in the Jungle scene, and his album Timeless was released in 1985. In the late 1990s Goldie embarked on an acting career, including roles in James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, Guy Ritchie's film Snatch and in 2001 lead to a role on the BBC soap opera, EastEnders. No stranger to reality television and celebrity competitions, Goldie has taken part in Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Mastermind and was runner-up in Maestro where contestants learnt to conduct an orchestra - a remarkable achievement for Goldie who couldn't read music.

Goldie danced in the eighth series of Strictly Come Dancing, and his professional dance partner was Kristina Rihanoff. They danced an almost disco flavoured cha cha cha in the first week, which the judges complimented them for the entertainment factor, but felt it was lacking technically. In the second week, they danced the foxtrot, which showed much better technique and received praise from the judges for his improved performance and scored a very respectable 26 points but the combined scores from the two dances left the couple fourth from bottom on the leaderboard. With no dance off in this series, the combined scores from the judges and public would decide the fate of the couples, and unfortunately, Goldie & Kristina found themselves in the bottom two on the first week, and were eventually announced as the first couple to leave the competition, finishing fourteenth out of fourteen couples.

Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Cha Cha Cha Tick Tock 3 6 6 5 20
2 Foxtrot This Business of Love 6 7 7 6 26


What The Judges Said

Week 2 - Foxtrot

Craig:Well I think that was slightly exaggerated, Bruno, to be honest. What he meant to say really was that your weight was just a little too far back as you took your heel leads, that's all. You occasionally lost some body contact. I thought the interpretation of that whole dance routine was fantastic. I really love that double click heel into the turn, I thought that was very, very good. It still needs work, but it's getting there.
Len:Well it was more brassy than golden, Goldie. But, I've got to say, I can't agree with Bruno at all, I thought it was far superior performance than we seen last week from you. I thought it was a real performance dance. Bold, you came out. What I liked, and I didn't expect, you're attempting to get the technique, you're trying to go off through your heels and some of the couples don't even bother with their footwork, so I commend you for working on that. Very good work.
Alesha:Yeah I think you put your own little Goldie swagger on that routine, I loved the roleplay, I loved the storytelling and it's clear to us that you're working extremely hard, and that's noted. Well done.


Week 1 - Cha Cha Cha

Alesha:Goldie, that was very entertaining, babe. You made me smile, it was a lot of fun, but it was a little bit more disco than it was cha cha, but you know what, I think if you put the work in and you train hard, I think you've got potential, cause you've got the basic rhythm, so please put in the work and show us what you can do next week.
Bruno:Goldie, I know you're a cool guy but that was a bit too loose. I haven't seen that since - what was that? (wild disco style gesticulating) - 1986, Top of the Pops. You know, you've gotta do more cha cha and it's gotta be tighter, it's gotta be more precise, it's gotta be more technical. You know, it's the first outing I know you will come back and do better.
Craig:I think there's more movement to be had in that body, to be honest. For me, it was a little bit tight, a little bit awkward. It was very flat, had unshaped hands, I know Kristina you're putting his hands on his hips, that's not going to be the solution to anything, he needs to know how to do that. Arm placement was extremely dodgy throughout. Poor landing, you started doing gypsy turns, I don't know why, and Bruno's right, that ghastly 80s move has to go - two year olds do that, darling. I did rather like the syncopated time step, I thought that was cool.
Len:You're hardly a shrinking violet when you come out onto the floor, I must say, and I think that's good. You come out full bore, and you sold it. You've got great rhythm, I think the two of you have got great chemistry together. There was a lot of those ripply moves - Bruno, how did they go again? (demonstration ensues) - it was a little bit overladen with those. I would have liked a little bit more content. But I gotta say, you came out and the cha cha's all about having fun, that's what you did.


Goldie's Strictly Introduction