Siobhan's acting career started young, and she appeared in the sitcom "Up The Garden Path", but came to prominence as Abi Harper in the popular BBC sitcom "My Family".

Terrible nerves hampered Siobhan's performance on the third series of Strictly Come Dancing, when she danced with professional Matthew Cutler. Their Waltz in week one wasn't great, with Len saying her footwork was atrocious but that over all it was pretty good, while Craig thought she was clinging on throughout the dance. Their scores were poor, receiving only a 2 from Craig, and 15 points in total. This put them second from bottom of the leaderboard, and were voted off the competition by the public in only their first week, finishing last out of twelve couples. In the final of each series, all the couples who have been knocked out return to the dancefloor to perform one last time as a reminder of the series and for Siobhan it was obvious that the nerves were improved by not having to compete, and she performed much, much better and danced very well.


Strictly Come Dancing

Week Dance Song Judges scores Total
1 Waltz When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart 2 4 5 4 15