Week 11 songs and dances

EDITED: Mollie and AJ have tweeted that they are dancing to "Hopelessly Devoted To You" and not "I Dreamed A Dream" as reported on the BBC website.

Oh joy, another theme week.  This week the theme will be musicals, and the songs and dances have been revealed.  I've updated the Week 11 page with the details, as well as the main Songs page, but so you can see which FIVE songs out of the SIX have been used before (including one used just two years ago), there's an extract with the song choices for this Saturday below.  With so many songs being reused, isn't it time to retire this theme and if we must have a theme, try something new?

Couple Dance Song Series
Ann & AntonAmerican SmoothHello, Dolly!Series 8, Week 10
Gemma & AljažQuickstepHello, Dolly!Series 15, Week 11
Mollie & AJRumbaHopelessly Devoted To YouSeries 15, Week 11
Alesha & MatthewViennese WaltzMemorySeries 5, Week 10
Alex & JamesViennese WaltzMemorySeries 9, Week 3
Debbie & GiovanniAmerican SmoothMemorySeries 15, Week 11
Tim & NatalieCharlestonMoney MoneySeries 12, Week 3
Joe & KatyaSambaMoney MoneySeries 15, Week 11
Fern & ArtemCharlestonSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousSeries 10, Week 3
Alexandra & GorkaCharlestonSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousSeries 15, Week 11
Kara & ArtemPaso dobleThe Phantom Of The OperaSeries 8, Week 5
Katie & AntonPaso dobleThe Phantom Of The OperaSeries 13, Week 6
Davood & NadiyaArgentine TangoThe Phantom Of The OperaSeries 15, Week 11