Musicals week updates (Results spoiler free)

I haven’t done many blog posts with weekly updates this year because the dance videos seem to take longer to be available on YouTube than in previous years, so the final page updates often don’t get finished until Sunday morning. Anyway, there a couple of interesting points in the facts and figures tonight, so I thought I’d post a little blog about it.

Week 11 is Musicals Week which signals over the top sets, extra dancers and probably a bit of over-marking here and there too.

As usual, I’ve updated the weekly Results pages with all the dances, songs, scores and the leaderboard. The Celebrity pages have updated details of their dances, songs, scores and the videos of their routines will be updated as soon as available, plus the page for each of the Dances have been updated too. The Celebrity Statistics including total points scored, average, highest and lowest scores, with a comparison to all celebrities from all previous fifteen series is also now up to date.

A few interesting facts this week for all you stats fans out there:

  • Bruno gave out his 250th ten in the main competition when he awarded Joe a 10 for his salsa. See The Perfect Score for more details.

  • Ashley has moved up the leaderboard of celebrities and is now the 5th highest scoring celebrity of all sixteen series. The full leader

  • board is on the Celebrity Statistics page.

  • Pasha, Kevin and Giovanni were the three male professionals to score 10s tonight and with that perfect 40, Giovanni now joins Pasha and Kevin in the top three positions of the leaderboard for the professional dancers scoring 10s. He overtakes Artem Chigvintsev to take the number 3 spot. Have a look at the others at the Professional 10s page.

So, those are your fascinating facts for the night! We’re getting so close to the end of the competition now, I wonder what the next couple of weeks will throw up?