New Strictly Champions page

I realised this morning that I didn’t have anywhere on the site where you could see the list of champions all in one place, so a new page has been born! On the Strictly Champions page, you’ll find the full list of the couples who’ve lifted the glitterball trophy. I’ve added it to the Statistics area of the site - while you’re there, why don’t you have a look at some of the other statistics from our favourite programme?

  • There’s The Perfect Score for all the details of the dances that have scored 10s over the years, how many 10s each of the judge have awarded, and which couples have won the coveted perfect 40.

  • Or perhaps you’d like to see whose received the most 10s? Then you could look at the Celebrity 10s or the Professional 10s league tables.

  • What about the opposite end of the spectrum … who's received the dreaded 1 for their dance? Find out on The Lowly One page.

  • Maybe you’d like to know who has the highest average score or how the current batch of celebrities compare to each other. If so, you can find out all the information you need on the Celebrity Statistics page

  • Want to find out who is the most generous judge with their scores (I think we all know who’s the meanest, don’t we?)? Look at the Judges Statistics page to see how they’ve all scored over previous years.