Semi-final updates (Results spoiler free)

Week 12 was a bit of a mixed bag of scores from the judges, who seemed to me to overmark some dances while giving other realistic marks, but the leaderboard managed to reflect the dances fairly, so it all worked out well in the end.

As usual, I’ve updated the weekly Results pages with all the dances, songs, scores and the leaderboard. The Celebrity pages have updated details of their dances, songs, scores and the videos of their routines will be updated as soon as available, plus the page for each of the Dances have been updated too. The Celebrity Statistics including total points scored, average, highest and lowest scores, with a comparison to all celebrities from all previous fifteen series is also now up to date, plus The Perfect Score page has all the details of the 10s awarded this week, and adds Ashley & Pasha’s American Smooth to the list of dances scoring a perfect 40. This also means there’s updates to the Celebrity 10s and the Professional 10s league tables.